Becca & Tilda

Ever since we learned how to walk we began to run away. Even if it was just across the yard, or far enough so our parents would get really worried and mad at us. But as older as we got, we ran away more often. And this time, it was not across the yard. It was across the ocean. To another country. 

Skärmavbild 2016-07-31 kl. 08.46.53

We started exploring other countries, and cities. We meet new people, who were not like us in any way. We had food we’d never tried before. We got obsessed with salty water and sunkissed skin. Our favorite language became english, so that we could understand and make ourselves understood around the world. Sunrises & sunsets, early morning coffee and a foggy unawake city.

Skärmavbild 2016-07-31 kl. 08.48.33

And most importantly, we fell in love with things we’d never loved before. 

We believe that we are all born different. With different purposes in life. We are born to inspire and travel the world. We are born to express ourselves with creativity for everyone to take a part of. We are born for that 5 a.m coffee, to be jet- laged and have dinner in the middle of the night, to live in a suitcase & to have a memory card full of inspiration and life. That’s what we are born to do. 

And so, Tilda, everyone that knows you, knows that you’re a one of a kind adventurer, but why did decide to start How Ineffable? 

So why, why in the world would you start something like this? Oh my, let’s make it clear that I am a big fan of living, of everything our Mother Earth has to offer. I love listening to the birdsong in the morning, the first bite of your favorite dish when you’re really hungry and the feeling you get when you’re about to touch down on new, not yet discovered, grounds! I want to spread this love of life, I want to share my passion for travel, food and design with everyone. I want to crush the boundaries and change the way people see things, anything from where to put your new chair to why you CAN have olive oil with everything! This is my way of contribution to the world, to Mother Earth and to the people, to make a little change to anyone who’s willing to be a part of this new vision. How Ineffable isn’t that?

And what about you, Becca? The olive- oil obsessed daydreamer? 

Have you ever walked through a city in the early morning? Like around 6 a.m, or something like that? People rush with their coffee in one hand, and laptop in another. Or have you climbed up a volcano to chase the sun? Have you ever tasted life on top of Rockefeller Center? I have. I’ve walked through a city in the early morning a million times, I’ve chased the sun, I have tasted life. Knowing how  exciting it is to live, is what makes me passionate about inspiring others. Everything that I do, see & eat, I want everyone else to be a part of. Through text and pictures. Making How Ineffable is something I’ve always dreamed of doing. Creating, inspiring and getting the most out of everything all the time is my aspiration in life so, so what better than sharing it with the rest of the world? As a tribute to our ineffable world this is our playground. 




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