prep for PLANTSEASON 2107

Okey, so usually this is how it goes once one of us gets an idea. Or we really don’t get ideas, we get plans in our heads. Like, right away. Immediately when this brilliant idea/ plan has struck down in our heads (like lightning, really) we text the other person. In this case, read SPAM the other person, with 25 different texts about this new idea, how it should happen, inspiration pictures for it and just the plan for it. So, 25 texts later when the other person replies, and the hype if over we’re both so excited we browse through Pinterest for more inspiration. And we write it down. In detail.

The IDEA – What is it? What does it look like? MOODBOARD.

The PLAN – How can we make this idea into reality? Where do we start? What do we need?

So, when this crazy idea started back in July 2016 it got stuck in our heads. And we knew right away that it was stuck, forever. Therefore, the best thing to do was to make a project out if it. Something to be creative with and to work on, and to take care of for a long time. Something to photograph and something that is so beautiful.

We’re talking about plants. And our obsession for it. And about the prep for PLANTSEASON 2017. Here we go. inspiration

This season, not only focusing on decorative plants indoors as well as outdoors, we’ll also focus on growing veggies and herbs. YES. Planning for this for almost 6 months makes us very eager and excited about what early spring will bring. (Hopefully good weather so our little veggies will grow into a beautiful pot- garden). f6cfbcb41a5c2b766776a65d8a15bc4e

After a little research we realized that some veggies need time in the dirt by a sunny window to grow fully, so starting in time is why we are sharing this PREP with you months ahead of the first signs of spring. See, the plan has a start. 

What we are dreaming of when going bananas about this, is a pot- garden (new word) inside & outside to easily access fresh veggies and herb. Not only do we love food, but watching it grow from scratch is such a fun (and hopefully really easy) thing. And did we ever tell you WE LOVE PROJECTS? Seeing this as one of the biggest ones of the first half of this new year, we are beyond EXCITED for you to join, follow and come with us in this. Therefore, you’ll follow us on every step of the way. From start to finish.


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