Crispy Chocolate Chia pudding


Every morning should be enjoyed and embraced in some kind of way, with a calm cup of coffee, a good eat, maybe a book? Morning routines look different for everyone, but no matter where you go or where you are right now they all have one thing in common, it’s the fresh start of a new day with new possibilities and opportunities to embrace this world. But you can’t conquer hills and mountains on an empty stomach…



As far as we’re concerned, this does look AMAZING and is full of good energy. This Crispy Chocolate Chia seed pudding is a great breakfast for any day, for anyone, since you prep it the night before you can just as much take it in a jar on the go as enjoying it in bed a sunday morning (like we did). Also, just like pretty much anything else, you can mix it up and add whatever you would like to this combo. Banana? Blueberries? Blood orange? Peanut butter? You name it! That’s the point of recipes according to us, they’re nothing more than guidelines stopping you from messing things up completely!


For this delicious breakie bowl (or dessert maybe!) you’ll need:

4dl chocolate flavored oatmilk (we used Oatly’s)

8tbsp chia seeds

Homemade crunchy granola

A handful of raspberries

After mixing up the chia seeds with the oatmilk, put it in the fridge over night (or for about three hours). Thats how long it’ll take for the seeds to absorb the liquid, creating the texture of the pudding.

For serving, put a few spoons of the granola in the bottom of your glass/jar/bowl to get the crunch in! Followed by the pudding itself, and top it all with some raspberries or any other berry or fruit! That’s how easy it is to make this healthy breakfast for your sweet-tooth.


Don’t forget to tag us (#howineffable) when you try this, and show us what your morning looks like! 



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