Planting… it’s contagious


We told you to keep an eye out for another plant related post, and you’re wait is over, it’s finally here! This time we’ll share inspiration for what you can plant. We’re no experts but we love trying and experimenting. We hate to say it, but when it comes to growing your own garden Sweden has some perks. Pre- growing is something really simple here. Just plant your seeds in February/ early March and put them by a sunny window and let the sun together with some water do its job for a couple of weeks. Having easy going seasons is the biggest perk of living here. For now, we’re leaving it there while we head over to the R E A L inspo.



If you know us, you could probably guess our priorities by now. Simple. Basil goes on top of E V E R Y single list. As the pastalovers we are, this is a must have. And you might think it’s hard to plant, and a lot of job comes with it. Funny thing; Becca tried planting it last year, randomly in the middle of the summer and a couple of weeks later she had the most beautiful basil ever seen. That’s where this idea started, and that’s just a small part of what this years plant season will look like.

Our parents tell us that we’re not Italian, but we don’t believe them. Come on!!! No one feels this strong for basil, pasta and oliveoil, right? So this year, basil is a given herb in our garden. And remembering it was so easy to plant… There will be POTS & POTS & POTS of this amazing, flavorful herb. (and perfect for any pasta-dish herb)


– from Pinterest – 

About herbs, summers are all about them. Mint, tarragon, parsley, basil, thyme, rosemary… the list goes on and on and on. Parsley is a delicious herb used for everything from pasta-dishes, herb-oils and flavorful lebanese food (like falafel and tabboleh). We’ve read a lot about planting herbs and most of the time, it’s very easy. Just plant them early (around now, or early- March) and re- plant them later on, AND then; LET THEM ENJOY SUNSHINE. 

When it comes to veggies, we are not really sure what we are doing. We know tomatoes and chili’s are something we love, so that’s a thing we’re growing: FOR SURE. Not only are they very pretty to look at, but also a favorite ingredient for us when it comes to cooking. Flavorful AND colorful! Speaking of colorful; red beetroots are, too. You know. Although, having done some research, we’ve come to realize the seeds are not supposed to be planted until May/ June. Which means another post can be expected in a few months!

Knowing ourselves there will probably be a hundred more seeds planted. Just strolling through our local plantshops on Sundays, makes us wanna open a public garden with all different herbs, veggies and root crops. Imagine an outdoor kitchen and being able to grab whatever ingredient you need from your own little garden… Dreams? Nope, reality (in a couple of months).

We’ll see you when our plants our tiny babies!



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