where we get our inspiration? RIGHT HERE

It’s January. It’s the first week of 2017. And it’s Sunday. There’s something powerful about that. Something powerful about brand new starts. Fresh starts. Yes. Sorry. Cliché. Usually we’re not that cheesy, but like we’ve said before; we can’t help ourselves this time of the year.

Power. Energy. The feeling of being unstoppable. 

Here’s some reading for you about INSPIRATION. Where we get ours, in what way we love to inspire others and our top inspo-sources right now. 676bb1daa496c6e475c6e3ecc130c25b

Finding inspiration in everything is what makes everything so beautiful. Finding inspiration in the early morning coffee is beautiful, in city strolling, in cooking, in late night writing sessions. There’s a little inspiration in everything. At least, so we believe. Creating is the outcome of inspiration, for us. Drowning ourselves in inspiration is our obsession in life. Drowning ourselves and feeling the rush of inspiration through our bodies. Anything better? Nope. So, here’s a list of our favorite inspirations at the moment. 


Lisa Olsson. Swedish blogger, influencer and fashion designer. What’s not to love about traveling the world? What’s not to love about her style? The photos are BOMB, and so is she. Talented, creative and so HOT. We follow her blog (maybe stalk is the right word?) and follow her on Instagram. namnlost-5

Matilda Djerf. Globetrotter, model and styleicon. Our newest addition to our favorite insposources. Currently in Bali so her blog is filled with the most amazing photos. We love her bohemian, chic and modern style. She’s our age and from Sweden, but her home; seems to be a new one every other month. namnlost-6

Janni Delér. Videoblogger, model and fashionista. You must have heard of this girl by now? Together with her boyfriend Jon Olsson they travel the world one step at a time and create the most insane video blogs. We love her photos, her style and her life. Yes, we’re obsessed.hjasgd

Hanna Friberg. Or, as she’s known; Hannalicious. Swedish everyday blogger who travels the world and inspires and motivates others to be kind and caring to one another. Her blog is filled with a variety of photos from her camera and her phone and she writes about everything: food, travel, fashion, self-care, investments in Chanelbags etc. That’s why we love her.

People always tell us to not be on our phones that much. Or what can we possibly do on them? Oh well, we’re just sorry you’re missing out on all the inspiration, motivation, stunning photos and amazing poets. Instagram is a source for inspiration. Yes, we do follow some of our friends and family, but mostly; accounts that has that EXTRA sparkle. And fire. And energy. Here they are: dshfisudhfojsfghfghjklgfklklgftyugghflil-oaouginamnlost-10gypseanamnlost-3namnlost-11

Just a lil’ glimpse of what these Instgram accounts share. A mix of fashion, travel and interior. There are so many more account that we follow, but just to show you some. Once you’ve found one account you like, the rest will follow.

Instagram is definitely not the only source we use for this. Pinterest and Tumblr are two others big obsessions. Vogue’s website were you can find anything and everything, lot’s of blogs similar to ours such as Petite Passport and Chapter Friday. This could go on and on as you have probably already guessed, and it will, just not today. Because everyday there’ll be something new to discover and someone new to inspire you will appear. Neither you or we will ever stop meeting new people, people who will make an impact on you and show you a new perspective of life. Embrace these new meets and acquaintances and absorb every drop of inspiration they leave for you. Don’t forget to spend those hours sitting on a blanket out in nature with a friend, or in a coffee shop, don’t forget to have a late night writing session with someone who you admire or invite friends for dinner every once in a while. Because, this is what inspiration is all about, it is created by Us, by You and by Them. 


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