Bring it ON: 2017

It’s that one special day of the year again, and we won’t be leaving you empty handed. The last post of the year… The year when everything started!

B: Usually when I talk to people I tell them I’m not the cheesy kinda girl. That’s what I do. I let them know that everything too romantic, cute or too cliche-like, is not my thing. Just as a start. But when it comes to New Year’s resolutions I can’t help myself but writing a list of a couple of things I want to achieve during the new year. This year, is no different. This year, I’m striving for so many things, and I can’t wait to get it started. You should work towards greatness and brilliance every day, but there are something that goes better on a resolutions list than others. In time for the new year to start, I’ve decided that there’s nothing better than investing money in traveling and exploring, so more travels in 2017 I say. 3 new countries and 3 new cities are on my list. I want my own little garden with fresh herbs and veggies and build it all from scratch. Write down PLANTSEASON 2017. Cooking and exploring in the kitchen goes on the list as well, just like saving even more money. Now I get all excited about this, but I want to do, see and be everything. The best version of me all the time. So here’s to a new year and the feeling that you can do, see and be everything. Here’s to the power of fresh starts. Here’s to ALWAYS being cool.

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T: Every year thousand and thousand of people make new year resolutions. Everything from eating right to being more positive and visiting a grandparent more often. I can’t deny it, I’ve always been doing the same and I think it’s a good habit. Putting up goals for yourself to be a better, more improved you is great. But I also think these little (or big) goals shouldn’t be limited to be made on one single day a year. Every day is new years to me, new ideas and thought that make me want to achieve different things! For this upcoming year I am working towards success, might sound silly but aim high and you’ll most likely end up closer than you were.

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Therefor, we want you to set your goals for 2017 HIGH. Not only should you work towards getting better and reaching your new year resolutions or goals for this year, but always. Keep making resolutions and find new goals to work towards, it will only do you good. Little ones or bigger ones, or silly ones and serious ones. You shape who you are, not the people around you nor society. Remember that. Now… From us to all of you: Happy New Year! 

2017 we are ready for ya’!


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