Get organized for 2017

namnlost-1With only a couple of days left of 2017, actually so close we can almost touch the finish line, we thought it would be a good idea to get our shit together (literally) and get organized. Calendars, notebooks, pens, storage and a nice spot for all the creativity. Piles of magazines, a moodboard, tiny, tiny plants… Oh, and let’s not forget about the most important, powerful thing: YOUR BRAIN. Source of all creativity. Your engine. 

We’ve put together some inspiration for our favorite place in our rooms. Our inspo- corner. Whether it’s a big or small space, we feel it’s important that it boosts you with energy and fills you with TONS of inspiration. It doesn’t matter if this is the place where you spend most of your time or not, it just has to be somewhere you enjoy spending time.


So, getting organized for 2017, what is it all about?

As of every year when we get closer to a new year we feel powerful. We feel like we can conquer the world and nothing can ever come in our way, but then we wake up and realize we’re not Beyoncé. But it really isn’t that bad being Becca or Tilda. However, getting closer to putting this year behind us, we’ve learned one thing. And it’s basically the same as every year. That, being organized doesn’t hurt. 

And this has to do with everything, really. About your purchases, travels, your job, workouts etc. Meaning, that having it all under control starts with being organized. We know this because not only have we lived for about 20 years, but also because managing jobs, school, workouts, travels and having a social life with friends and family demands us to be organized. But, it all starts with having the best spot for this; the perfect desk.

Having the perfect desk doesn’t mean it has to be like a Pinterest or Tumblr- picture. It simply means having a functional desk, a comfortable chair and whatever you need on the desk to help you feel organized. For us, this includes:

  • An agenda. Or calendar if you may. This is literally the most important thing. Writing every single thing down really helps. Working days, workouts, when you’re grabbing a coffee with a friend. Every hour, or minute spent doing something is worth writing down so you can keep track on your own life. When bills should be paid and so on. we love Kikki- K (Hello SWEDISH!), Kate Spade and a new favorite; Rifle Paper Co. 
  • Inspo- journal. Yes. Scratch whatever we said about the agenda being the most important thing. This is. When browsing through Pinterest we love having somewhere to write down all the inspiration. We need to remember every single insp.- rush.
  • Pencils. Okey, really, scratch everything else; THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.
  • A computer. This is also a necessary thing. We’re privileged with having our own computers, iPads and iPhones and for us, this is where we get a lot of inspiration these days, through Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and so on. Oh, and hum, this is what we use to inspire others. A computer can also help you get and feel organized. This really goes for all the photographers out there; Keep your computer organized using a hard disk to store all of your things. For back up. And organization.
  • Food schedule. Okey, before you judge. Trust us when we tell you, this is a savior. I (Becca) got one from Kikki- K a couple of months ago. I donut use it everyday or week, but once in a while. It’s a piece of paper with every day of the week and there’s empty boxes for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack for you to fill out. It’s not a diet- thing but if you’re having a busy week creating a food- schedule on Sunday might help you the following week. There’s only four empty boxes for each day, but obviously you eat way more than that. But the important meals, breakfast, lunch & dinner, are there for you to write down. 

As for decoration we love everything that inspires us, or has connection to our favorite hobbies. Like photography, travel, food, and let’s not forget; PLANTS. So, posters, a reallly good, cool, fun and inspirational thing for the new year. Posters with quotes, cool pictures and whatever you like. Favorites? New York- posters and quotes. Mini cactus plants is a must on our desks. A banana plant would be a dream, but not living in a tropical country has some (a lot) of downsides. Have something that has to do with every single one of your hobbies on your desk, and inspiration is guarantied.



We hope you got some inspiration form this post and let’s make 2017 the best year, ever.



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