Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays to our favorite people, you guys!

The Holidays are just around the corner and we are as excited as ever. Celebrating Christmas together with our families since we were toddlers is the tradition we hold close to our hearts. Gathering just in time for Donald Duck, or Kalle Anka as we call him, zipping on mulled wine (glögg) and having some homemade butterscotch (knäck) is what we do while watching the traditional 3 pm Donald Duck & friends. 

We created a little Christmas edit for you to enjoy and get inspiration from. So here comes our ever favorite Christmas things.

♥  Mulled wine (glögg). Key to our hearts during this season is mulled wine. Any kind of it. Fruity, bitter, sweet or sour. You serve, we’ll drink. We love having it with raisins and almonds just for the crunch of it, really. Scroll through Pinterest and find your favorite recipe. Don’t have time to make your own glögg? There’s plenty in stores. Have you ever tried one with licorice and raspberry, or with a minty polka flavor…? We’re hooked on those. 

Gingerbread cookies. What is Christmas without them? Put your favorite X-mas tunes on and get the oven ready for full speed. We love having flour all over, eating way too much gingerbread dough and just bake all night. Covering them in frosting and putting sprinkles on top. Yes. Yes to gingerbread baking and yes to dough for dinner (and breakfast and lunch).

Christmas Toffee….. Don’t even get us started on these delicious bites because OH MY. Preferably homemade, or only homemade ones… Seasalt on top and we’re yours.

♥ Okey, so this is our favorite thing. Gift- wrapping. We love giving and we love putting a little extra thought into the wrapping part. Using non- traditional colors such as silver and black, or striped paper makes it even more fun and adds a personal touch to it. Lagerhaus is a great place to get all your wrapping stuff if you live or if you’re visiting Sweden. Sostrene Grene or TGR also has some cool stuff. Silver, white, black and nature is our color theme/ inspiration for this seasons wrapping.

♥ What’s a Christmas without a tree? For us; NOTHING. Used to having a big tree decorated with bulbs in red and silver with a light string wrapped around it makes us never wanna break traditions. But just like the gift- wrapping, it’s fun to try something new. White and gold the perfect combo for that 5th avenue feeling, silver, black and white makes the theme minimalistic. Or why not copy the picture from the edit? We can’t wait for the 23rd when it’s decorating time.

For us, Christmas is all about joy. Never have we experienced anything different. BUT, that doesn’t mean we don’t think about those not celebrating Christmas with big, loving and caring families. We do think about them, a lot. So we give what we can. We donate. We make sure we’ve done everything we can during the Holiday season to feel good about ourselves. It might not change the fact that some adults drink way too much, or the fact that some people will spend Christmas out in the cold, or that some people will celebrate it all alone because they don’t have anyone. But knowing we’ve done what we can during this season is all we ever can do, really.

Now get out and spread the love, show your care and give! Let’s celebrate Christmas! 


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