The December Issue


DECEMBER IS HERE! Excited much? Oh yes. 

Feel inspired by our December Issue, and tell us; What’s you December like? We’d love to know. 

Favorite month of the year is here. The month when you can start playing Christmas songs, watch The Christmas Carol over and over again and eat gingerbread cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner without anyone questioning it. Hot cocoa for breakfast in bed. Yes. This season has everything we love about the winter. 

It’s the season of giving thanks and we love celebrating the holidays with our friends and family. Traditions are all about love and happiness, and food. And the best part of it, you make it your own thing. You make it what you want it to be and together with new people you create new traditions. 

Giving thanks also has another meaning during this particular season. We become more giving. We give to those who will not have a Christmas-dinner with their loved ones. We donate money, we buy and make gifts to those who can’t afford it. We help. This time of the year, we’re the most caring, giving and helping. 

Keep an eye out for the Christmas edit that’ll be out soon. 


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