Some Real Good Tan

Now that the colder month are coming upon us (well if you’re not lucky and are located in Australia or NZ) we feel our tanned skins fading and looking in the mirror we don’t really recognize those pale girls we see.
It’s a given to stay hydrated during the dryer times of the year, but we know it’s hard, and it’s even harder if you have to keep up a tan with a sun that isn’t offering much help… THAT’S WHY we made this, to tell you about our favorites that gives that extra glow and sunkissed skin! Also, some do’s and don’t’s when it comes top tanners… Enjoy! tann.jpgThis lovely is the Gradual Tan Everyday Tinted Body Lotion from San Tropez which I’m personally dying for at the moment, it gives a bronzed tint to your body while gradually tans and turns you into a sunkissed beach bum… Mmm

tannn.jpgAnd this little fellow, we’ve heard too much about this not to put it up here. The James Read Sleep Mask Tan… It’s a sleep mask that both hydrates and tans! When someone asks you HOW DID YOU GET YOUR SKIN SO PERFECT!? You’ll simply say “I woke up like this”.


Last but definitely not least is the Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse from San Tropez and let’s hear a “WOW”. This bad boy is a great essential to your tanning collection! It leaves you with an instant bronze glow and after a few applications you’ll feel like a queen.And since it’s a mousse (I can’t even) it is SO EASY to apply!

Now to the DO’S:

  • HYDRATE! Make sure your skin is not too dry before applying any tanner, drink lots of water and use lotion a few hours before!
  • Exfoliate to make sure you get an even tan!
  • Preferably use a application mitt or makeup sponge to avoid getting it on your hands and your pretty nails!
  • When it’s time for the face, try and blend the fake tanner with some moisturizer to dilute color.  


  • Be careful when applying to your face, it can easily look unnatural and uneven…
  • Don’t apply to your elbows, the skin there is often dry and wrinkly which does not call for a good result…
  • Do not sweat right after, it will slide your fresh tan righ off…


Wise words to live by… At least that’s what we think! Now go get that tanner and start glowing! 


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