Monday Motivation: (What’s the story) Morning Glory?

I'm waiting for Lexi. She wants me to help her in the Bistro this coming…:

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IF YOU’RE A NIGHTOWL this heading probably won’t suit you too well, but Oasis did it right. Also it’s Monday and our time to inspire you! The beautiful nights in all its glory  but OH the mornings! This isn’t the first and will definitely not be the last post about our love, our craving for mornings. What’s so special about these early hours of the day, when the whole world seem asleep?

  • THE COFFEE. I am pretty sure it says it all- the first sip of the hot (or maybe cold why not) beverage, the bitter sweet and dark flavour fills your mouth and you are officially awake.
  • THE WEATHER. Of course. No matter if it’s a rainy october day or a sunny morning in july there’s something special to each and every morning. They’re never the same and you can enjoy them all outside whether it’s in the shade of a palm tree, on the front porch or inside in bed!
  • ITS ALL ABOUT YOU. Hopefully there’s no one there (who you don’t want there) to disturbe and you have as much “alone-time” as you want! Why talk to people when you have a good book, notebook and a pen?

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