Did you know Seattle is surrounded by water on three sides?


As Meredith Grey once told me, Seattle is surrounded by water on three sides. 


Except the fact that I’ve spent almost half my life loving Seattle for the Grey’s Anatomy reason (which is reason enough), I didn’t think of much else before I went there. I mean, it’s a city in the states, so it will be amazing (I thought). From the pictures I found on Pinterest I imagined there would be plenty of great photographs to capture. And spectacular views. And ferryboats to ride. I mean. But when I got there, everything changed.


It was like coming up for fresh air, to finally be able to breathe again. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. I mean, it is surrounded by water on three sides, which makes it even prettier. But there is something about it that I can’t put my finger on, really. It’s so chillaxed. And you just walk around, with all these million things to see and do. And then you are just there, in the city where Meredith got her heart broken, where Izzie fought and survived cancer, where Burke dumped Cristina at the alter, where George got hit by a bus,  where Derek & Alex got shot, and where Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital still is a teaching hospital. IMG_9639IMG_9830

As of Seattle, it’s only one out of one hundred beautiful cities in the states, but Seattle does not have to go: Pick me, choose me, love me.  Because you will, without doubt.


Take a ferry to the other side, sit by the ocean, take a lift up to the observatory deck in Space Needle and adore the view at night, have a vegan burger at veggie grill, stroll up to 9th ave and feel like a hipster and feel the power of humanity with all equal-right posters, buy a book from Elliot Bay Book Company (if you could ever decide which one out if 150000 different ones) and get a vanilla scoop with lemon curd from Molly Moon’s Ice-cream bar. And just capture everything you see, everywhere you go, cause this city will blow your mind.

And oh, I have a thing for ferryboats.

Keep an eye out for more from Seattle. We’re about to blow your mind away!


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