views of Barcelona


Ohh, yes. If there’s a city that’s never too much, or too little, it’s Barcelona. Unique and fun, tropical yet chic. Late summers spent in this city is our all time favorite. Denim skirts, white t-shirts, bikinis, Birkenstocks, watermelon, salty hair and sun- kissed skin. Mojitos for 3€ and cobble stone streets. Tapas in the Gothic Quarters and brunch by the beach. Yes, this city has everything, therefor a big favorite.

img_3410img_3413-2For a 360- degree view over the city this is the place to go. It doesn’t cost you a single euro, it does not include a guide or perfect front- row seats (well, if you get there in time), or a bar. What it does include is a hike, a fantastic view and an experience, and the feeling that you are a true adventurer. Write this on your bucket-list to make sure you won’t miss it on your next trip to Barcelona!

img_3415img_3417img_3414Head to the neighborhood of El Carmel and start walking. Walking from the metro is easy using Google Maps. You can catch the 86bus, but the hiking and the true adventurous feeling is worth the uphill walk. There is a really nice trail leading you all the way up to the viewpoint and every step is worth carpeting because of the fantastic views of a city full of life. img_3427img_3434There is a “desert”- feeling to the trail which makes it even more adventurous. Walking around and exploring around the trail is something worth doing, too. Take a sidetrack and just walk. Maybe you’ll find the perfect picnic spot?

Bunkers del Carmel is an old concrete platform that once were a part of the anti- aircraft battery during the Spanish Civil War, on Turó de la Rovira. These batteries were build in order to defend the city from the bombings that shook it. After the war ended, barracks were built in the vicinity of the bunkers. Barrio de Canons was formed and remained until the early 1990s. A few years later the area was developed and it re- opened on March 10 in 2011 as the viewpoint and historical space it is today.  img_3444About places to see and visit this is one f those that goes right on to your bucket list. img_3493Like mentioned above, only thing necessary in Barcelona is denim skirts, Birkenstocks and loose tee’s. And a camera, obviously. img_3575img_3576Loo kat all the people in the first photo. That’s what we love, and the passion we share with them. There’s something so easy with this place, yet something so beautiful. You just sit there and enjoy the view, surrounded by people from all over the world. Talking, laughing. img_3571img_3534Walk up there in time, around 4 pm, it’ll take you about an hour to get up if you stop to take photos and admire the view along the way and stay until sunset. Depending on the season it occurs earlier or later, but, just spending a couple of hours on that hill is one of the absolute must do’s when in the city. Bring some picnic and your friends. And a camera. Comfortable walking shoes is recommended. Something to sit on, too. It’ll get really crowded once the sun starts to set, so make sure you have good seats. Like the people in the photo, front- row overlooking Barcelona and the ocean. 

How ineffable isn’t this?


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