Once in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is a small country with mile long beaches and forests deeper than the pacific surrounding the tropical island. Thanks to all of this there is so much to explore, so many paths to discover. But also, in this green paradise there are so many different animals living peacefully close to the people, something I got to experience while visiting the Yala National Park.


The Jeep safaris start early in the mornings to get some time where one not have to deal with the heat. Leaving before dawn gives you a glimse of the hard and yet fascinating nightlife, showing off all animals that enjoy the cooler nights rather than the boiling days. The crispy air prepares you for a day filled with adventures and new experiences.                                             IMG_9867

But nothing can beat the view of the first sunsrays finding their way atop the forest capony. In an  explosion of colors, pink, purple, red, green, blue and yellow, the animals in the national park wake up and welcome you with their captivating songs. Being the beginning of yet another day in their kingdom. Inviting you to their paradise.


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