Monday Motivation: Meatless Monday


We’re sorry if all we ever do is getting serious with you guys. But it’s time again. This monday might be different to other Monday Motivation posts, but we thought that it’s a great opportunity to inspire you to a new lifestyle. Or to change your way of thinking. Or to  get you into the kitchen and cook and be inspired by this new vegetarian kitchen we’re about to get on your mind. Because this Monday, we inspire you all to add MEATLESS MONDAYS into your calendar.

WHY is Meatless Mondays an important thing? We understand completely if meat- eating people find it hard to cut straight with meat. Therefor, starting slow and taking it one step at a time is a good idea.

6d2067ff6e7cd3e1f39e8582ea9e44a3 Picture by The Daily Vegan

Okey, so by reading this you understand its important. This is by eating a vegan- diet, but imagine it being kind of the same thing as lots of vegetarian food also is/ can easily be made vegan.

DON’T BE SCARED. It’s not time to get scared now. Your probably thinking: “Okey, so what shall I eat now?” Well, luckily for you, you have us. We are here to inspire you and guide you through it all the way. There are so many delicious things waiting for you out there in the vegetarian, experimental kitchen. But, to get it right, we found a picture of good protein sources that makes your Meatless Monday a lot easier.


Picture by The Little Pine

Looking at all these colorful proteins makes our vegetarian mouths drool. MMM. Yummy. We try to always include some sort of protein into every of our meals to make sure we get all the important stuff into our body, and so we stay on the right track. And so, what can you eat on you Meatless Monday? 


It’s time to skip all the bacon & egg things, everything with ham on it and English Breakfasts with sausage. No more. Let’s get one thing straight, first of all. A proper breakfast is the real way to do it. Something with berries and fruit, non- dairy milk and toast with avocado, coffee and juice. Breakfast lovers as we are, there’s no doubt you’ll not get inspired now.

  • Chiapudding – plenty of ways to do it. And you’ve gotten one source of protein into it. Or use the seeds as they are, why not top your breakfast smoothie with some seeds or add some onto your avocado- toast if!
  • Oatmeal – another favorite of ours. Endless ways to make it, endless toppings, and ridiculously tasty (to be made out of oats, milk/ water).
  • Sandwiches – do we have to say more? As the Joey Tribbiani- fans we are… Same goes for sandwiches, endless ways to make it. Endless toppings. Avocado, cream cheese, fruit or berries, greens, cheese, olive-oil, egg, salt…
  • Yoghurt & granola & berries – YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY.
  • Breakfast smoothies – stressful morning? Make it to go. Add dates and oats to make it fill your tummy.


This is where we love to go a bit easier. Something quick, yet delicious. Nothing to heavy. We’re obsessed with salads and often use cheese as something to add instead of chicken-breast  or fish. Mozzarella- cheese or feta- cheese, maybe halloumi? Or maybe a quick wrap with falafel and veggies? Nothing makes our hearts beats harder than falafel. Yup, get inspired by the fruits and veggies of the season.e666cc26a2efe02da08a824705ad1270Picture from Pinterest. Unknown source

  • Salads – you already know there’s endless combinations to that?
  • Anything in a wrap/ pita- bread- YES, YES, YES.
  • Cheesebased – tell us about an easypeasy capreselunch?
  • Soups – hot or cold doesn’t matter. It’s seasonable.
  • Breakfast for lunch – an all time favorite. COME ON.


Choose your source of protein. Start with that, and go from there. This is when you can go bananas and really be creative. We love dinners. We love food.  Let’s just look at some pictures of how sweet the vegetarian life is.

05ce52a2f72a5fa35e50646a81fcb69b 807e2d1331a95edba5b9513ca617bb65
c68191b34b0c9ad4c444334115c8b39f ddcefcd7b32de7a42eac6a710dd2fa61

Colorful is the main key here, obviously. Noodles, pasta, potatoes, bread. Burgers, soups, stews. Still need us to convince you why Meatless Mondays is a really good ide? It’s good for the environment and will save tons of forest (and animals), no animals will be killed (reason enough) and you’ll feel so much better.

And so, we inspire you, but we obviously have some favorite people who we stalk everyday (and whose kitchen we’d like to live in). Ever heard of Green Kitchen Stories?  David, the man in the family, is an amazing photographer and we are obsessed with his work. Luise, the woman, is an amazing food creator and together they make up the perfect combination.

Let’s drool over this APPLECAKE, PENNE POMODORO W/ VEGAN TUNA, CHIA PARAFIT & APPLE CRUNCH and HIPPIE BOWL by Green Kitchen Stories. Oh, and did we mention they are authors as well? No? Well, now you know. Green Kitchen Stories, Green Kitchen Travels & Green Kitchen Smoothies. 

Ever heard of Deliciously Ella? We hope you have, otherwise we’re so, so, so sorry. This girl…. GRL PWR. Such an amazing, talented and creative woman who inspires us to make healthy and easy meals for everyday. She’s also an author of several books. A one of a kind food creator and her instagramfeed always makes us feel well. And she’s so cute. That’s half the reason why we love her. On her website Deliciously Ella you’ll find recipes and everything you’d need to now about her, her philosophy and who she is.

There you go. This very important and serious Monday Motivation post. We’d love yo hear what you think of this, if you’re already on board on the vegetrain, or if you’re about to hop on? 


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