Think PINK!

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Let’s get serious. 

October is an important month, for everyone around the world, but especially women. This is the month where people from all over the world get together to fight for US. Don’t get us wrong, men can get breast cancer, less than 1% of all breast cancers occur in men, so there are chances. Small, but still there, so we shall not forget about them. BUT, the main focus here is on the women. And to fight this horrible disease that affects so many more people than just the sick one.

Think PINK!.… as fashion designer, icon and photographer Karl Lagerfeld once said. But why pink? History (thank you) goes way back. According to Margaret Welch (director of the Color Association of the Untied States) “Pink is the quintessential female color.”

Pink is playful, life- affirming and fun. There are studies that shows that it has a calming effect, quieting effect and also a lessening of stress effect. Pastel pink is a shade known to be health- giving, so there really isn’t anything bad to say about it. So, in other words, pink is everything cancer isn’t.

The Pink Ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness. It represents fear of breast cancer and hope for the future. All over the world people wear a pink ribbon to support the global fight of breast cancer. During October our goal is to raise awareness for breast cancer. It’s there and we can’t just forget about it and wish for it not to happen to us. Because it has already happened (to ourselves or loved ones) or might happen. So let’s fight it, together.

Raising awareness is about involving more and more people, getting more and more people to buy, wear, display and/or sponsor the Pink Ribbon. We can do this in many ways, but the best one is always to talk about it. If your wearing a pink sweater in this purpose, tell people. “Today I am wearing a pink sweater to raise awareness for breast cancer!” 

We’ve put together a collage of different things we’re thinking about this month, in the color pink. Different shades. Our favorites? The iPhone case, the matching cashmere set and the pillowcase in linen!

We hope cancer gets cancer and dies!



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