Monday Motivation: plan your week


As one of our favorite things to do, no, scratch that, make it obsessions… Anyway, an obsession of ours is writing lists. I mean, we could make lists of everything and everyone. Things we want to do, things that has to be done this week, smoothie bowls we want to try, how much money to save each month and so on… We’ve  done lists for ages and we are, what you could call, experts in this area.

Writing a list of something is fun. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a boring thing or not, it is the act of making the list that is fun. And for once, it makes you feel really important and that is satisfying.

However, every Sunday night we make a list of what has to be done for next week. And that makes a long list. And really, what is on that list could be everything from remembering to pay a bill to cook Friday night’s dinner.

Another thing that makes this list- writing -thing ever better is that you get to spend money on cute notebooks and cute pencils. So that you feel more organized. We love getting our notebooks from Lagerhaus!



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