Kanelbullens Dag

You are probably wondering about the headline, and what it could possibly mean. Just two words, you can’t even pronounce. BUT. Those two words equals the golden day here in Sweden. We love all things related to food that we celebrate, and that has an official day. And so goes for this. The official day of the cinnamon-bun. Yes, you heard us. THE OFFICIAL DAY OF THE CINNAMON BUN. Meaning you should eat it for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and late- night snack. No regrets, really.

22035222813_f57c37662d_c Picture from Girl Versus Dough

Kanelbullens Dag is the 4th of October every year, in Sweden, since 1999.  (Why not all over the world?). The purpose of this day is to cherish the cinnamon bun a little extra. When this day was first announced, back in 1999, it also happened to be Children’s Day (which, here in Sweden occurs the first Monday in October). And so, because of that, the 4th of October is also a day to care a little extra. The day of caring.ahr0ccuzqsuyriuyrnn0yxrpyzeuc3f1yxjlc3bhy2uuy29tjtjgc3rhdgljjtjgntq2m2vmzthlngiwodi3mdgyzji1zju0jtjgdcuyrju1zjhhmgm1ztrimddlodm2mwrioddmmcuyrje0ndizntc0ndk5odalmkylm0zmb3jtyxqlm0qxmdawdw

Picture from the Nourish Atelier

Here in Sweden we care a little extra about our food- traditions. We’re proud to share them with other countries and cultures, and we’re proud that people come here just to have a taste of our magnificent cinnamon-bun.

What we like about the cinnamon bun is that it’s such an easy thing to make, at least for us that grew up baking it in time for every birthday party, to have during the summer days when we invite people over for FIKA and every other time we spent hours in the kitchen making buns.

bulle_7337   Picture by  Linda Lomelino

If you live in Sweden, or if you’re here on a visit, and don’t want to bake your own cinnamon buns (maybe because you don’t have the time to), you should get yours from Fabrique Stenugnsbageri. Holy moly those will make you move here and celebrate this day every day. Pinky promise. The buttery bottom, with the cinnamon flavor and the crispy sugary top, ohh… Or why not, pay a visit to IKEA and get the golden- bread from everyone’s favorite store. Or, you could just take the easy way out and buy the Ben & Jerry Cinnamon Buns Ice Cream. 


HERE’S a recipe for you to bake. The most wonderful thing about this Swedish delight is that there’s almost endless combos. With cinnamon, cardamom, chocolate, with or without sugar on top, roasted almonds on top, or why not make a berry filling? Or saffron-buns for Christmas? But, most importantly. There’s a dough, and there’s a filling. Usually with lots of butter. The more the better we say.


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