the Fall Edit w/ an interview


The fall is here. Today is the first official day of fall. Right? At least that’s what we think, and believe. There are a thousand things to appreciate about this season, but we forget all about them when the darkness (that’s something to love, really) and cold (another thing) comes along. And the, what some call, winter- depression. But this year, just forget all about it. We are here to inspire you every day, and to get you out on new adventures. So, start taking notes because from now on, all that’ll be on your mind is fall 2.0. 


Hi girls! How are you? 

Becca: Hi! October had not yet arrived when I got this seasons first cold. Not one to get sick, but this time it really got to me… But other than a cold, fantastic! I really love the crispy air and all the colorful trees. Living in a cliche- world you know… 

Tilda: Oh my, it’s already October?! Where did the summer go? But you know, I’m not complaining! The fact that you can drink as much coffee as you want, go for long walks in the forest and waking up to crispy air makes me feel great, I love it!

How do you prepare for fall? 

B: With LOTS of tea. And candles. Also a little update of my closet with knits, shirts, jeans, coats, scarves, you name it. I love this season, really.

TRebecca said it best, candles! My favorite! Also I’m big into chai so alot of chai flavored stuff, tea, lattes, even cookies… Also I’m looking for a big, knitted scarf that would go with everything for later this fall and that will work all winter as well!

You’ve listed you’re fall- favorites above, tell us about them. 

B: Well, basically I think that all of these things represents fall for us. Everything that we focus on during this season. Some really easy- going stuff, yet combined into a creative, fun and inspirational edit. I mean the bomber jacket and the boots are investments worth making, and I think we all can agree on that tons of coffee is a daily essential during these colder (AND DARKER) months. Always looking for ways to make my place more cozy, well such easy things as some candles and plants (in this case; cactus-plants). New York, do you really want ot get me started on that one?  

TFall is just everything when it comes to it, I’m a sucker for the forest that shift those green, beautiful leaves and turns into an ocean of fire with red, orange and yellow! That’s real fall to me. And the best place to get that is upstate New York!

And so, is there anything that’s not on the list that you would like to add?

B: Everything that has something to do with colorful leaves….  I guess? Luckily being from Sweden has some benefits, like being surrounded by trees, everywhere. And going for a countryhouse- weekend with some friends, just eating, laughing, talking all weekend.

TAll the fall crafts and DIY’s!! There’s so much you can do, everything that’s inspired by colorful leaves, barns (how crazy that must sound), pumpkins etc. And don’t get me started on HALLOWEEN! My absolute favorite holiday of the year, I’ve been crazy about it since I was a kid… 

Is this how you learn how to love every single season? With inspirational lists? Fun interviews? However, I have a couple of quick questions left, that goes really well with rather short answers. 

What are you watching this fall?

B: F.R.I.E.N.D.S, obviously. Grey’s Anatomy, obviously. Sex and The City. I have to take on Scandal, too.

TI’ve actually started watching Full House from the 80’s I think I’m going to stick with that for a while! I’m obsessed, not gonna lie it might affect my wardrobe…

What are you drinking?

B: Coffee. Tea, tons of it, or should I say liters of it? Olive-oil, do you drink it, or eat it? And mojitos. Oh!!! We have the perfect recipe for mojitos. 

T: I think you could guess… Coffee of course! But this fall I’ve spiced it up a little by adding some chai into it, both my coffee and teat! Also apple cider, an all times favorite, hot or cold doesn’t matter!

& eating?

B: Pasta. Always pasta. And soups. And beets, I love beets.

TChévre, could you have enough? On salads, with grilled vegetables, on a veggie burger! My favorite spice this fall is definintely lime/chilli sea salt, which of course goes with EVERYTHING, including the chévre. 

Where are you going?

B: Hopefully New York. Maybe London. 

T: New York is always a go in fall/winter time, this year that won’t be possible though, but we might squeez in some other shorter trips…

What are you wearing?

B: Jeans, knits, white shirts, boots and a black coat. And Stan Smith. Nothing too colorful, the leaves will do it.

TKnits knits knits! And shirts, preferably in the more nature-close colors like grey, brown, nude etc. Also, I’m a big fan of Birkenstocks (obviously bc I wear mine all summer long) so I’m not planning on leaving them in just because it’s getting cold, I’ll just ewar them with a great pair of thick, knitted socks!

What do you rather photograph? 

B: Food. And cities. And cups with coffee. 

T: Faces, I love capturing others lives and stories. A picture tells more than a thousand words…

And where do you get all the inspiration? (A longer answer is okay)
B: Everything that gives me a rush, makes me feel inspired. It can be anything from Pinterest, airplane- views and long chats over coffee. But I can always relay on Pinterest to give me inspo, or Tumblr. Or Instagram. Everything that gives you an extra push in life is inspiration, don’t forget that.

T: Where do i NOT get inspiration!? Wherever I look there’s something inspiring me, something I’d like to capture or write about. Just take a look around and you’ll understand. But for an extra sidekick Pinterest is always there to help! 

Thank you girls! I wish you all the luck on How Ineffable, it truly is an amazing site that gives you everything you are looking for when it comes to exploring and being adventurous. Good luck!