The Travel Guide: Getting the most out of every trip


  • Always travel with a person who shares your passion for traveling & exploring

Having traveled a lot through out the years, and with different people makes it easy for us to tell you how important this is. We know traveling with a person who only wants to go shopping isn’t worth it. When looking for someone to travel with we always search for those who are the most adventurous, fun and easy going.

  • Dare to try the exciting! Find your secret spots without using a map!

Oh, how we love this! Just strolling around somewhere and exploring on your own is one of our top favorite things, ever. We love taking a bus, and randomly get off somewhere in  London and just explore from there, or getting on a train in Berlin and get off where someone shouts; HERE, or just walk the Brooklyn Bridge and see where it takes you from there on.

  • Make sure to have a good camera (whether it’s digital or film)

Do we really have to say anymore? Seriously… Our favorite essential when traveling is our camera. Something to capture all the memories with. A phone, a Canon, a Polaroid, you name it. And you get it. Collecting every single memory from every journey is what we live for.

  • Always explore a city like a local!

Go somewhere out of your comfort zone. Tak the train and go outside Amsterdam, have your camera on your shoulder and just walk. Use Pinterest as you source of inspiration (if you can’t find what you are looking for here, on our website)

  • Bring a notebook for all the inspiration!

YES! Never forget this. We always carry around a small notebook so we can write down all the inspiration we get, or places we want to remember, and things we saw, said or did. Just keeping a little inpso- journal wherever we go makes us “experts” of the city, kind of. So the next time you go somewhere, remember this and bring a cute notebook. 


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