Snapshots from Berlin

IMG_2034IMG_2051IMG_2055IMG_2105IMG_2109IMG_2111IMG_2121IMG_2127IMG_2163IMG_2224IMG_2231IMG_2291This is Berlin in late June/ early July. It’s a beautiful city full of history and life. 

What a city! For all of you who haven’t got the opprtunity to visit this diamond place here’s what we would call a quicker sum up of it, even though a city this amazing deserves at least five novels to get anywhere close to understand the feeling you get while here.

Learn about the country’s touching yet fascinating history at one of the city’s museums, enjoy your company over a really, really, really good cup of homebrewed coffee from The Barn, have lunch at one of the cities streetfood markets and go window-shopping at KaDeWe. Then end up the day with a few drinks at one of the citys best rooftop bars to enjoy the beautiful views of the outstanding city of Berlin.

It’s an easy going city and you’ll fall in love with it right away, trust me on this one. Just make sure to NOT FORGET your camera, good waking shoes and a notebook to write down all the inspiration you’ll get. GO GO GO! 


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  1. Jeiv Reyes says:

    Your pictures are so amazing.


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