What’s new angel, go try your wings


What’s new? If the answer is nothing, you’re doing something completely wrong… In our lives there is ALWAYS something going on, a creation, a work in progress, a new pair of shoes or a new favorite drink!


You know what, there’s no feeling even close to comparable with the one you get after defeating one of your fears or achieving a goal in Your life. So why let something little, like a comment or a thought, get in your way? Don’t let yourself or definitely not (!) anyone else keep you from trying new things.

Keep in mind that if you are just a little interested or feel the slightest attraction to a thing, an activity, an idea, a creation or just ANYTHING, you should try it! If you haven’t tried it you can’t judge anyone doing it just as little as you won’t know what it’s really like. The more openminded you are, the more will come to you and with that you will expand, not only your knowledge, but also your perception of life. Go out and try out your wings!




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