Breakfast in Stockholm – Fabrique


Hello Sunday! What’s better than a day full of doing nothing? Uhm, nothing! Sundays are known for being a day when you’re suppose to lay in your bed all day and just watch Netflix, eat a bag of candy and scroll through your phone. Therefor, we love Sundays. Lats Sunday we gave you all our brunch- inspiration, this Sunday it’s time to give you a great breakfast spot, here in Stockholm. IMG_4457IMG_4458IMG_4481

When entering Fabrique, this is what you see. Freshly baked sourdough-bread stocked on shelves up to the roof, cinnamon-buns baked in butter to make them extra delicious, and of course different cookies and pastries filled with passion and love. And the smell… Oh, dear Lord.

frukost fabrique3frukost fabrique

If you’re there early in the morning you can have breakfast at one of their coffee shops around Stockholm. Not every Fabriquestore offers seating, there are a couple that does. This one at Hornstull does, but only a few seats are available cause of the small store.

frukost fabrique2

Apart from their bread, buns and cookies, the coffee, juice and chiapudding (with a raspberry/ cardamom compote)  are really good, and if this breakfast was an everyday choice? We would go with it. IMG_4467IMG_4475IMG_4487IMG_4485

Sitting here having breakfast is inspirational to us. The interior is so beautiful and rustic and everything that we love. If not having breakfast here, have a cup of coffee and a bun (… or two) and chat for hours.

Our recommendations: 

  • Kanelbulle or kardemummabule (cinnamon or cardamom- bun
  • Hallongrotta (jam- cookie
  • Toscafudge (toscafudge bar)
  • Äppelmust (applejuice)

Swedish favorites you must try. Also, Fabrique has some cute stores in London that you have to visit IF you live there, or are there on holiday. Who would ever say no to freshly baked bread on a Sunday morning? Uhm, not us!


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