an airplane sky

IMG_0115On my way to New York, 2016

“Can I sit by the window?” – I kindly ask my sister who’s traveling with me this time. After arguing for a couple of minutes and convincing her why I have to sit there, she finally lets me. YES.

hhhhIMG_2447The sky to and from Berlin, 2016

Sitting by the window is, seriously, my only option. It has nothing to do with if the seat is more comfortable or not. Give me 20 minutes at start and landing by the window, and I am happy. I just need the first and last minutes to see our incredible world from above.

IMG_5532Before take off from Amsterdam to NYC, 2016

There is something about the sky, in the early morning, in the middle of the day or at night. Sunrise or sunset, it doesn’t matter to me. The sky matters. There is something about the clouds, and how powerful it feels to be high up among them.

IMG_7590From Amsterdam to New York, 2015

The next time you decide to book a trip somewhere…

  • Make sure to fly in the early morning because the sunrise experience is what I would describe as something INEFFABLE
  • Get the window seat!
  • Have your camera and phone ready
  • Enjoy the inspo-rush you’ll get by this stunning view

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