BBQ Heaven


…is a place on earth. I can promise you that. And it’s called Bockholmen. Even though you, when there, would bet a hundred that you’re on a tropical island in the Bahamas or somewere in Thailand it’s located about ten minutes outside of the inner parts of Stockholm city.  

Just by the water this restaurant, which has been here for almost 15 years, is located on a small private peninsula from where you have a wonderful view of everything going on around and in the water by the famous island Tranholmen. Where in the older days, the richer people of Swedens capital spent their summers. (Some still do)…



The restaurant is nice, and you can tell by the note. But for those of us who would rather enjoy dinner on a cliff feeling the water with our feet or on a bench with the vines growing from the rooftop of a glasshouse right behind us, sipping on a Corona or a Sol, this is the right place. During the summer the ”fancier” restaurant brings out their cooks (well at least three of them) and puts up their colorful lighstrings to create, not only a BBQ buffet which you can enjoy while listening to some good-vibes music, but an atmosphere you could walk around Stockholm for days trying to find.


With plenty of grilled chicken, pork and beef they offer a big selection of vegetarian options. How about an artichoke salad with mozzarella or grilled haricot verts with marinated tomatoes and spices from the tropics, and those are only two out of many. It simply doesn’t get any better!



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