Sunday Brunch


It’s Sunday. It’s past breakfast time, but not yet lunchtime. It’s BRUNCHTIME. Our favorite time of the day. You can have brunch everyday, of course, but there is something special with a Sunday- brunch. After a loooong week it’s the perfect thing to end with. Throw a brunch at home and invite some friends over, or meet up the city to sit for ours and talk over several cups of coffee.

This Sunday we are sharing inspiration for throwing everyones favorite brunch at home. 

Okey, so. Every brunch needs something to drink. Because the weekend might have been rough, but it could also be that you need to refill with energy for upcoming week. According to tradition, or to the restaurants, a drink should be included in the menu. Even though that sounds (way too) good for us, we prefer serving non- alcohol beverages. Coffee, juice, smoothies. You name it. We love having many cups & plates to eat from, so here’s a bunch of things we love serving on Sundays

tumblr_np0dmevfG51rsuch2o1_1280 tumblr_o0ah0pNxdV1r2g0czo1_1280

Coffee. Hot or cold. Doesn’t matter to us. Really. 


Juice. We want them colorful, and in different flavors. Want to make an extra effort? Make it  a freshly squeezed using your juice centrifuge. If you do want to make some drinks for your brunch, the perfect “juicedrink” recipe can be found HERE!

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We all know we are obsessed with chiapudding…. So why not serve chiapudding in small cups so everyone can enjoy a taste of it? Make it simple with raspberries and banana like the one to the left, or surprise them with a  chocolate chiapudding! We’re down both.  

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Mmmmm! Yoghurt, what’s there to say? Not serving chiapudding? Put some greekyoghurt in small cups and have some toppings on the side so you can make your own yoghurt- parfait. Suggestions? Strawberries, blueberries, nuts, honey you can drizzle on top. Here’s the yummy cherryyoghurt- recipe that was the only one we managed to hunt down!


This is where the funs begins. Or, well, where it ALL begins. Being obsessed with sandwiches makes this part, the most fun one. Endless combinations and flavors. Just put some bread on a plate (we prefer sourdough) and some toppings. Our favorite brunch- toppings are smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, tomato & red onion! These lovely TARTINES GOURMANDES by Dorothée Lafontaine goes on top of our “wanted for brunch”- list. 

5cb225227af6c2209d560f0134981755 AVOCADOTOAST0001WEB

Or go for a simple (but so, so, so good) & classic avocado toast! With salmon or with egg. 


Did you ever think we would forget this typical brunch- dish? NEVER. Endless combinations, endless flavors, endless everything. We are obsessed. No brunch is complete without pancakes. Make them Swedish (be patient, because a recipe will come), or big, fluffy American, vegan, blueberry or whatever you’d like. Pinterest has lots of recipes for every pancake- lover. We are definitely in love with these pancakes Fanny captured.

Oh, Sunday. How we love you. A brunch is an endless combination of good company, good food and music, laughter and talk. Have a theme on your brunch, tell everyone to bring something special and make it a potluck, go to your favorite breakfast place and have brunch, the ideas are never ending.

We are sure of one thing, and that’s that we are throwing a brunch inspired by this post in a couple of weeks. And we can’t wait!

What’s you brunch favorite?



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