The warmer the days the cooler drinks, right… Is there anything better than a cold drink on a sunny, hot day?
The answer is NO.


These mojitos will definitely keep you on the right track and the best part is that they’re here for you to get inspired. So wether you want to make them EXACTLY like us or not at all it’s perfectly fine! Maybe with a hint of ginger and lemon instead, yes, why not!?


There’s the classic, of course, and it will always be one of our all time highs, but with these summer twists it’s harder to keep the crown… But it is all up to YOU to judge!


The rhubarb gives the drink a bitter yet flavorful touch which makes it UN…wait for it…RESISTABLE (no joke), while made with strawberry and lime you get a combo of both sweet and sour, a solid 10 pointer as well!



Don’t forget to fill up the glasses with clubsoda after muddling all the yummy ingredients in the bottom of the glass. 

Psst… Don’t forget to invite your friends over….


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