Postcards from Away – the Stockholm Archipelago

postcard mallRun to the mailbox! There’s a postcard waiting for you.

Spending some lazy days in the archipelago definitely goes on top of our “favorite things to do during the Swedish summer”– list. There are few places that are as peaceful as the archipelago. The boats, the water, the sun, the silence.


We don’t know if it’s peace & quiet that makes us fall in love with Sweden during summer, or the fact that you can eat breakfast by the water every morning, or that the fresh smell of rain is better than any perfume ever made. We know one thing for sure, and that is that nothing in Sweden (yet seen by us) can trump the Stockholm Archipelago. 


Typical for this (can we call it… lifestyle?), is the nature. And all the small cottages, in colors as red, blue, yellow and white. No where else do you appreciate driving on dirtroads, or having to drive far to the closest grocerystore, or in this case called “lanthandel”.

Keep an eye out for our Swedish Diary where we’ll share more of this. But for now, you’ll have to settle with a postcard filled with love.


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