Wednesday Wanties for the perfect Garden Dinner


– Glass from Lagerhaus // Bottle from IKEA //Pillow from Ellos // Lightstrain from Lagerhaus // Zinkpot from IKEA – 

The summer is here, and we are halfway through our favorite three months of the year. Making the most out of them is our everyday goal and one of our favorite things to do during the summer is throwing parties. Or dinners. Or gatherings. Call them whatever you want, but it should include friends, dinner, drinks, music, laughter and lots of fun.

This Wednesday we feel inspired to throw a garden dinner and made a collage of some things that helps making it even better. These Wednesday Wanties will make you want to send out those invitations ASAP!

  • The perfect glasses. Call us weird, but those glasses are P E R F E C T I O N. Chunky, stylish and big (obviously that means more mojito for us). These can be found in almost every store these days, and they come in different sizes for different purposes (wineglass, for shots, etc) and they are a must have to make the party feel luxurious and fun! Although, we love those $1 plastic- cups for the ultimate party feeling, (also perfect for beerpong).
  • Pouring some lemonade, soda or wine in a glass-bottle makes the guests feel like you put some extra effort to the decoration. These cheap ones from IKEA can be used for a million things (if you don’t want use them for lemonade), use them as candleholders, or pour olive- oil in them.
  • Bring them pillow, OUTSIDE! As the sun sets it will (no matter if you want it or not) get colder and to be able to sit outside for as long as possible you need something to keep your guests warm. We love that palm-printed pillow that can be used all year around. For the garden-parties, to decorate your bed, or to sit on if you’re having your guests sit on the floor.
  • The perfect beverage- cooler. Just add some water and ice into it and it’ll become the perfect cooler. Perfect for every garden dinner. And when you’re not throwing a party, why not plant fresh herbs in it? One thing that’s sure, it goes straight on top of our MOST WANTED- list.
  • The urban- inspired lightstring that’s perfect for everything. We can’t find anything it doesn’t work with. Gardenparties, decoration, inspiration, cozy feelings? NOTHING. Putting it up between two walls, wrap it around the balcony- railing or letting it hang on the wall? An extra source of light when the darkness comes knocking on the door is pretty good, and everyone will thank you for thinking about how you solved the “no sunlight” problem with such a cozy decoration.

Now when you’ve got all this inspiration all you have to do is cook, make the drinks and invite your friends over! GOOD LUCK!



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