Cooking Class in Chiang Mai


When traveling and exploring we have a few things we always look for. Or, a couple of things that we feel are so very important to us. And yes, you can scratch shopping from that list, right away, thank you. 

Here’s a list of the things you’ll find us searching for:

  • Finding the best breakfast-spots for us, whom are early birds
  • Looking for the small shops where we’ll find urban interior, coffee syrup and piles of notebooks
  • Architecture that will take up all the memory on our cameras
  • Fun, unique and interesting things (such as random dance parties, cooking classes, sunrise chasing)


As mentioned in the list, unique things are one of our favorites. And yes, that might seem like something really cheesy, because who would not want to do something fun & unique while exploring a city? We are not to back away from that! There are actually a couple of things that we hold on to really hard from previous trips, that we want to remember forever and share with you guys. One of those are going to a cooking class.


It’s quite obvious that we are both obsessed with food. And not only about eating it… But also, going grocery shopping and picking your favorite ingredients, preparing for the food, actually cook it and enjoying it with everyone you love. Is there anything better? 


However, one of the things we hold on to hard is a memory from Chiang Mai in Thailand. It’s a beautiful place, but what made it even better was the food. THE FOOD. The food in Chiang Mai is something different to the rest of Thailand. The market filled with fresh veggies, fruits and herbs waiting to become lovely thai- dishes is an amazing experience and you don’t want to miss out on that! But, you you’re probably staying in a hotel or at a hostel that does not offer a kitchen for you to use. So this is why COOKING CLASSES is one of the best things ever.


We were told that Zabb- E- Lee‘s cooking class was the best one. So, one day, we went there and took a look at the place and talked to the super cute girl responsible for the class. We booked a class the next day, around dinner time.


You get to cook 4 different dishes + 1 curry + mango with sticky rice. You can make everything vegetarian and vegan which is super nice! The class is about 4-5 hours from pickup to drop- off, and we had a blast here. The market, cooking everything and eating thai- food cooked from scratch is simply something you’ll remember forever.

What’s surprising about this is the price. We payed 900 baht for pick- up at our hotel, and drop off there as well, going to the local market for shopping, cooking and eating everything and a recipe book that she had made with pictures and text in english, and what we could use instead of the ingredients that does not exist outside Thailand. SERIOUSLY!


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